We supply and install "Think Green" thermal roof insulation. The product is manufactured from 100% recycled plastic polyethylene terephthalate (P.E.T) bottles and is SABS tested.

It is a professional product that can also be used in dry walling.

Insulate your home and help keep it warmer in winter and cool in summer.

It has exceptional acoustic properties by enhancing indoor environmental quality through absorption of noise.


No allergen components (no itching, sneezing etc.)
Keeps your home warm in winter and cool in summer
Maintenance free and long product life
Odorless and fully compatible with all building materials and components
Will not promote corrosion of steel, copper or aluminium
Will not breed or promote fungi
Will not sustain vermin
Non-hygroscopic (does not absorb moisture)
Dust settlement will not hamper product's performance

The product is packed in rolls and come in the following sizes:

40 mm x 1.2 m x 10 m (12 m²) - R 220.00 / roll
50 mm x 1.2 m x 10 m (12 m²) - R 240.00 / roll
75 mm x 1.2 m x 8 m (9.6 m²) - R 240.00 / roll
100 mm x 1.2 m x 7 m (8.4 m²) - R 310.00 / roll (R- value: 2.50)
130 mm x 1.2 m x 6 m (7.2 m²) - R 310.00 / roll (R- value: 3.25)
Foil laminated one side: 40 mm x 1.2 m x 10 m (12 m²) - R 460.00 / roll

The above prices includes 15% VAT, but excludes installation.

You can purchase the product from us if you want to do the installation yourself. We will deliver to you in the Johannesburg area - minimum order 10 rolls. Delivery outside Johannesburg may be subject to a delivery fee.

For more information or a quotation, please contact us.

Contact: Tom le Grange
Cell Phone / WhatsApp: 084 502 4164